Peter BowlerCoach

Level 1 Power Coach – Weightlifting – Club 2017*
Crossfit Level 1 Trainer 2016
Level 1 Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training 2014
Level 2 Advanced Concepts of Kettlebell Training 2014
Diploma of Business Management 2007

I found Crossfit through a friend of mine in 2010 and haven’t been able keep away.
I’ve lost weight, I’m fit and I think maybe stronger than I’ve ever been.
Most of my previous sport was played in the latter part of last century.
At school I played representative basketball and field hockey as well as zone level athletics in cross country running and high jump.
Later in that century I played recreational tennis, table tennis, ten pin bowling, water skiing, archery, golf and squash and I did some abseiling and indoor rock climbing as well as some martial arts training along the way.
I played club level cricket and soccer and had a couple of interesting years coaching club and representative junior soccer teams.

One of the key attractions Crossfit has for me accessibility. With the scaling of movements everyone can do the same workout no matter how long they have been training. Some of the movements might be different and the weights are likely to be less than Rx but the functional aspects of our training will be the same.

Another of my favourite moments is watching people transform. When someone lifts a weight for instance that they never thought they would be able to lift they are changed in themselves; that’s really great to be a witness of.

*Awaiting validation 





  • Crossfit Level One Trainer
  • Advanced First Aid