Ben HammantCoach

I found Crossfit in 2009 and to say it was life changing would be an understatement.

It is the greatest fitness program I have experienced which complements not only the general population but also the LEO/ Military community (which I am a part of).

I have implemented the philosophies I have found in Crossfit into my work as a PTI within my primary employment. The changes have been dramatic and speak for themselves. Crossfit not only allows me to perform my duties at the highest level but it also satisfies the competitive spirit which still flows.

The beauty of Crossfit is that it is a program which allows for constant development and improvement. It is a program which develops not only physical strength but also mental strength.

I am extremely motivated and passionate about Crossfit and the Crossfit Community. I enjoy passing on my experiences and skills with anyone willing to listen. I have experience in running Selection Courses and Novice Courses within my primary employment.

These courses are both physically demanding and mentally draining.I believe the tools gained through this background will directly complement any involvement I have in the Crossfit Community.

  • Advanced First Aid
  • Cert iii Fitness
  • PTI NSW Police Force
  • Cert iv Training and Assessing
  • Crossfit Cert Level 1