September 2016 ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – Joseph Robins-fancett

  • How long have you been CrossFiting for?
  • I started this year just before the CrossFit open began, around about 6 months now.
  • The biggest change within myself I have noticed since starting CrossFit is my mobility, which in effect has helped heaps for motorcross.
  • I would have to say the snatch is my favourite movement. So satisfying picking up the bar and having it over your head within a split second.
  • Handstand push ups are by fare my least favourite CrossFit Movement?
  • Squats all day. Burpees, who,likes em
  • Rowing for sure its, probably the only cardio I don’t suck at.
  • Before starting CrossFit I could never do rope climbs, I had never even attempted them.
  • Post workout protein shake… The naked co. It’s pretty delicious in vanilla.
  • Big burger and an ice-cold beer, best cheat ever.
  • Out side of the gym I ride motorcross with mates at the track and I also compete.
  • Coffee… Soy Latte or with coconut milk.
  • Bacon yes please with pancakes and maple syrup, favourite J
  • What I enjoy most about coming to ‘Plus’ is the friendly vibe and support you get from the coaches and other athletes especially when someone gets a new PR.
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