MARCH 2017 ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – Luzmaria Rabanal.

Our Athletes say it best…

  • I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 4 years now
  • Since starting CrossFit the biggest change I have seen within myself, would most probably be my confidence
  • My favourite CrossFit movement would be the Snatch, My fave
  • Running is such a punishment, defiantly my least favourite movement by far. I would Row for days, running sucks.
  • I think burpees build your character, in saying that burpees over squats, just.
  • I can do pull-ups! They are not amazing but I couldn’t even hold onto the bar when I started, this was a big achievement for me.
  • I love me prowie, True protein choc mint by far.
  • Favourite cheat meal would have to be salt n vinegar chips and chocolate of course
  • I love doing anything with my boys outside the gym so that usually means footy
  • Coffee, I take it coffee black, just like my husband lol
  • Bacon? Bacon and Honey yes, please
  • 2017, I want to move faster, lift heavier and to just train hard and have fun.
  • CrossFit Plus is my second home, my happy place. I love it.
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