·      Alex has been CrossFiting for about 2 years now. Was first introduced to the CrossFit methodology by Marty long before.

·      Since I have started CrossFit I have found that my self confidence has gone up and my happiness with my body.

·      Deadlifts or squats, any day and Snatching, scared me L.

       And we can’t forget about burpees, I do like burpees

·      I would prefer to run as I feel I am much better at running

·      Before starting CrossFit I could not perform Pull-ups, Handstands or Double unders.

·      Post work out fuel of chose would have to be chocolate WPI by Fuel protein.

·      Best cheat meal, hmmmmm let me see…

       Well I love Mexican, nom, nom, nom, Thai and Pizza followed with Alcohol of course.

·      Out side the gym I love to cook and go to the beach.

·      Black, I take me coffee long and black, honestly. This is not meant to be rude, all you kids with a dirty mind.

·      Bacon… With my eggs

·      The thing I enjoy the most about CrossFit Plus, is the community and the encouragement from everybody. Have made
some really good friends

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