Our Athletes say it best…

  • In total I’ve been doing Crossfit for 5yrs with some time off after some surgery
  • One of the big changes I’ve noticed is an ability to be versatile in my training and being able to push my mind as well as my body
  • My Crossfit movement of choice would be Burpees closely followed by Thrusters
  • I’ve learned a lot skills since I started Crossfit – everything from Snatches to Muscle Ups
  • My post workout protein of choice is Progenix. I find it best because it tastes like a chocolate milkshake
  • My favourite cheat meal, although I eat pretty well most of the time, probably spaghetti
  • Outside the gym my favourite activity is Surfing
  • I take my coffee with either coconut of almond milk
  • Bacon? Don’t each much of that anymore since I’ve replaced it with smoked salmon
  • No smoke and mirrors there, Crossfit Plus, it’s just where we all go to train with like minded people
  • Goals? To always improve. To stay fit. To keep ahead of Jezz and my daughter
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