CrossFit Plus Athlete of the year!

In no particular order, the 2015 Candidates are…

-TK (Tracie Kinsela)
-Mikayla O’Reilly
-Trump (Shane Turner)
-Ally (Alison Smith)
-Ez (Erin Houghton)
-Alex Burge
-Chris Dmitrieff
-Johnny Lock

*Athlete of the year will be announced at our Christmas PARTY – 18th of Dec
Post to comments to place your votes.

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  • Melissa O'Reilly

    Go Mikayla

  • Kathy parry

    Mikayla O’Reilly should win this!!! Young, motivated, passionate and has the drive to go hard in the crossfit community

  • John lock

    TK, never misses a day. Never misses a rep.

  • Ross Morrison

    Alex Burge.

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