Book in – Easter long weekend…

So Peeps, can we get a show of hands for the Day/Time slot that you would like to tackle 16.5. So we can put together a loos run sheet for the weekend, giving everyone an equal opportunity, as [...]


6week strength program specifically for women.   Ladies ONLY – Plus members and non members welcome For only $30 ($5 per week) You will receive 3 workouts each week, for 6 weeks. This [...]

Dearly beloved

It is with the heaviest heart CrossFit Plus must say goodbye to an institution within our community. You have been there from the start,  never complaining,  just working whenever you were called [...]

Easter long weekend – 2016.

Just wanted to throw this out there, so that you are all well a wear in advance that there will be no classes over the Easter long weekend. How ever there will be limited set times, that will [...]

Fast approaching…

Hey CrossFit Plus Team! As you may already be aware, the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Open is fast approaching. This year, like last there is several categories, which include a scaled and teens [...]

Gymnastics Workshops.

All ready got all these movements, well lets critique them, making them more efficient and faster over big numbers. Want to learn how to link your Pull-ups and chest to bars or develop a chest to [...]

CrossFit Plus BB Club –

There will be NO BB Club during the month of March Due to the Reebok CrossFit Open. This commences from Friday 26th February with the first session back on Friday 1st April. Sorry for any [...]

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