2015 Odd Socks – weightlifting

2015 Odd Socks, Concord West schedule

Odd Socks Haltérophilie All Comers Competition.
This is a competition held for people that are not members of NSWWA or AWF. Everyone is welcome to compete, cost is $20 per lifter and must fill out a competition waiver. This competition is run exactly like an official weightlifting competition. Please email coach@oddsocks.com.au for more details.


-Session 1 weigh-in 0800 to 0830. Competition starts @ 0900.

-Session 2 weigh-in 1000 to 1030. Competition start 1100.

-Session 3 weigh-in 1200 to 1230. Competition start 1300.



. February, 21st

. April, 17th

. June, 19th

.  August, 21st

. October, 16th

. December, 4th


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