WOD Games 21/15/9 Registration has been extended

WOD Games 21/15/9

What are The WOD Games 21/15/9?

It is an online event based competition

.Will be run twice a year (Summer/Winter)

.The first season will consist of 10 weekly WOD’s

 .Contestants will be required to complete a minimum of 8 WOD’s (This will allow for injury or sickness)

.If you complete all WOD’s then your 8 best placed results will be counted

.You will have 1 week to complete and post your results online.

*Click link below to register, you have until 5pm Friday QLD time.

Click HERE to Register


-You can do the weekly WOD Games WOD in the BOX.-



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7 Responses to WOD Games 21/15/9 Registration has been extended

  1. Ben says:

    this looks cool…I’m in

  2. Pitts says:

    Did you register benny, by following the link?

  3. Ben says:

    no i havent, i was going to see what everyone else was doing first

  4. Ben says:

    registration is closed

  5. Pitts says:

    that sucks benny
    well have a think and if you are still keen to do it let me know this week and i will see what i can do yeah



  6. Ginny says:

    I registered today – count me in!

    I like that we get to skip 2 if needed, that will allow for the post NYE recovery that I’m sure I’ll need! ;)

  7. Corey says:

    yeah Ginny,
    2 week buffer is nice.
    Wednesday night at 7pm if you can make it other wise saturday at half 9 i think.